Question SSD Compatibility


Mar 6, 2012
Hi, I have been asked to upgrade an M.2 SSD to a bigger size and possibly a 1 Tb HDD to a SSD. My knowledge of the newer M.2 type drives is severely limited, so I'd like some advice please ...

The M.2 Drive in the laptop (which I do NOT have in my possession, so this is the only information I can provide) is a Kingston PCI Express 128Gb U-SNS8154P3/128GJ ... I can see that this is an Interface Type NVMe 1.2 / PCIe Gen. 3 ... am I restricted as to the replacement Drive I can put in or does it just have to ne NVMe and M.2 ?!?

I am also concerned that if I buy something like a WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD, which can download at 7000MB/s will that speed be allowed by the Motherboard or would I be wasting money ?

Thanks for any help & advice here (y)
Do not be overly concerned about ssd speeds.
Those sequential benchmarks pf pcie droves do look wonderful, but you will be hard pressed to tell the difference among all ssd devices. Most windows i/o is random and that performance varies little. It is, however some 40x faster than a HDD.
Here is an illustrative amusing video:

Do you need to preserve any data?
If you have an open m.2 slot, the process will be simple.
A 128gb C drive is very small and should be increased.
Many things default to the C drive.
How do you propose to manage these updates if you need to preserve data?