SSD constant crash with torrents


Jan 22, 2012
I've been experiencing constant crashes since "upgrading" to a solid state drive back in November. The system will simply freeze up, mouse will become unmovable, and no key strokes will be recognized. If music/media is playing the last milisecond or so will loop (the kind of sound you would normally hear on a crash). I must then re-boot.

My Specs

Q6600 @ 2.4 (problem persists with or with out OCing)
8 GIGs of DDR2 ram @ 800mhz
GEFORCE GT 560 (manufacture: Zoltan)
SSD: Kingston SSDNow V100 128 gigs/Kingston SSDNow V200 128 gigs (Sata Port 1)
HDD: Western Digital HDD in Sata Port 3

Possible Causes/Observations

The crash will happen almost immediately if I try torrenting anything. I've tried 4 different BT clients (uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitLord and Bit Spirit) and all crash within about 10 minutes. If I'm not torrenting the crashes are MUCH less frequent, but do ocasionally occur. Seems to be a network issue of some sort. Using Atheros L1 network driver so the solution suggested in this thread doesn't seem to be an option (

Stuff I've Tried

Tried RMAing the drive (v100) and got the new model, v200. No change
Fresh install of windows 7 on the new drive. No change.
Tried running in safemode w/ networking. No change
Tried disconnecting standard HDD (torrents were downloading here, thought maybe there was an issue with the SSD working off another HDD so disconnected and made a download folder on the SSD drive). No change.
Tried changing SATA ports. No change.

I'm really running out of ideas here. Getting pretty frustrated as well. I have another windows install on my standard hard drive and don't have any of these issues on that one, so the problem definitely has to do with the SSD. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Mar 20, 2012
Its the SSD trim problem. This is a common issue with older SSD's also can be fixed by buying a SSD with a better chip set.

SSD drive cant write over other data so it gets flagged and has to delete it later and when you have alot of torrent writing data and when it writes to all the blocks on the system it has to delete all the garbage data and then write again and do all of this all over again..never chip sets are fixinf this problem or shoudl I say helping with it not fixing it. I recommend to send all the torrents you download to a normal harddrive as this will stop your issues also it will help with wear on your drive which they can wear fast.