[SOLVED] SSD constantly writing


Jul 13, 2017
Hi guys, i recently got a Kingston SSD SA400S37/240G and i noticed a constantly writing speed on it when my pc is idle, that happens over time (every 3 seconds, kinda) as you guys can see in the pics. The only task using the disk in the task manager is the "System". Is that normal?
I also noticed that the drive size are actually decreasing and that's really bugging me =/
Can anyone clear me about this?

PS1: I checked older threads when I was looking for an answer, but the replies were kind of conflicting.
PS2: I already changed page file location to another disk (an HDD), also disabled the defrag and hibernation stuff.
PS3: English isn't my first language, it's a working in progress, so feel free to correct me.

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Just because you're not using it does not mean the OS is not using it.

There are many things going on behind the scenes, with the OS and the drive.
TRIM, garbage collection, indexing if you still have that turned on, checking for updates, etc, etc.

Unless you see a real increase in TBW over time, don't stress.
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It doesn't matter if it is an SSD or HDD, OS is using it same way except with SSD things are faster whatever OS is doing. Changing Page file to a HDD is counterproductive, It's rarely used in W7 and up. Other system. parts are used more. like for instance Swapfile and that can't be moved. Pagefile is used only if there's lack of available RAM.
Turning off defrag also does nothing, trim is activated only once in 30 days and it doesn't do any defrag and lasts only few seconds.
Check first page of Task manager to see what is actually writing to disk, I suspect it's mostly due to a browser or something like that.
Another thing, that SSD is dramless, no cache to speak of so whatever would be communicating only with cache is working directly on disk.
Do a disk cleanup every now or then, helps it from overfilling.