Question SSD disappearing after restart or shutdown ?

Oct 31, 2020
hey guys

I'm very exhausted and i don't have the patience to write a question this long so i'm very sorry for my grammatical errors i need some help and here's the full story
my laptop became slow so i bought an ssd so i could replace the cd/dvd drive of my laptop and put the ssd in there with a caddy.

The cd drive's sata port is sata ii and i wanted the ssd to run at its full speed so i thought that i would first install and setup the ssd from the cd drive and then put the ssd in my laptop's sata iii port wherethe hard disk is located and put the hdd in the caddy and put it in the sata ii port of the cd drive.

SSD was detected initially but when i reboot my system the ssd just disappears from this pc, drive management and the bios and even the diskpart utility isn't able to detect the ssd and then i pause the startup using esc and press f10 to go to the bios and i do nothing there and load the defaults and restart my pc and the ssd comes up and i'm able to put file s in it also and then when i do a normal restart or shutdown the ssd again disappears and then i again go to the bios and reset the settings which are already default and the ssd shows up but the same problem occurs after a normal restart and i have to do this process again

my laptop supports gpt and mbr
the ssd isn't damaged as i was able to connect and get it detected and even install a fresh new copy of windows in it and the ssd was showing in my pc just fine and my pc was running fine
my pc is from 2011 and it doesn't support gpt so i formatted it with mbr and my hp 250 g5 laptop is from 2017 and supports both mbr and gpt
and yes i also tried converting the ssd's partitioning table from mbr to gpt and vice versa
i tried updating every single driver
reconnecting the caddy more than 7 times in the laptop's cd drive with the caddy and the ssd still works fine when i connect it to my pc.

And I think the caddy is most likely not broken because the first caddy also had the same problem and I thought that the caddy had some issue and got it replaced but the second caddy is also showing the same problem

Thanku very much in advance....

i would like to mention that i know that my laptop's cd drive's sata ii portdoesn't support gpt partition formating but my problem is the disappearing of the my ssd
sata ssd is from kingston
laptop is hp 250 g5
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