Question SSD failed? Please help

Nov 3, 2019
Hi all, looking for some help. I built my first computer 6 months ago. About a week ago, I started to have intermittent boot issues. I’d have to restart a couple times to get to the desktop and I once got a blue screen of death a minute after getting to desktop with a critical process died.

I did windows updates, cleaned up my disk, did a full virus scan, attempted to clean up corrupt files with cmd...etc. I got a few boots and it was fine, but today it finally gave out for good. I couldn’t even get the pc to boot, but eventually after switching from DP to HDMI, for some reason, I got the BIOS. It was not reading my M.2 SSD.

I switched slots on the MB, still not reading. Pulled the battery out of the MB as it stated in an article to reset, and then it read. I attempted to reinstall Windows at this point thinking that maybe it’s a software issue or something and it kept failing to read my SSD when trying to install Windows. even though it had read in the BIOS. I tried several times and when it finally read it to install Windows, it got to about 81% complete and then shot out an error at me.

At this point, it won’t even read the drive anymore most of the time, and half the time it goes straight to “repairing disk errors” on startup and it’s an endless loop so to speak and would sometimes shoot me the BSOD again. I’ve tried every other option it gives me by deleting most recent Windows updates, resetting the pc, it comes back with errors every time. I’m about 90% sure it is the SSD that has failed, but is there anyway to be 100% sure? Thanks. My MB is MSI MPG Z390 and the SSD is a 1TB Crucial P1 m2.
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You could get an NVME usb drive adapter to test with but i would just contact Crucial for an RMA and they will run thru some troubleshooting. If they give you the RMA then they're pretty sure it's the SSD too.