Question SSD failure after 3 years, now has 0 volume and unable to initialize it to recover data before formatting.

Sep 11, 2021
On a backup HDD currently to get back into my PC but my main SSD with win10 and extremely important documents just disappeared. I woke up today and my PC wouldnt boot at all. It would see the SSD in bios, it would attempt to repair but nothing happened. I never got the option to go into safe mode when I entered the blue screen advance options nor got the "startup setting". So I decided to plop in my backup hdd drive with win10 to inspect the ssd in devince management.

SSD was not showing up in Disk Management, Device Manager, Samsung Magician, and 10 other random tools I recently downloaded.
SSD was also not showing up in Diskpart.
SSD does show up in Bios

I then proceeded to uninstall from Device manager the 2 Standard SATA AHCI Controller, rebooted.
Now my SSD shows up 80% of the time doing this and 50% of the time, it would vanish in 5-10 minutes.
During this time, when it is visible - none of the tools can see it except Samsung Magician. In Magician, it states Unknown, has no info, no volume found. nada. unable to erase or do anything to it.

In Diskpart - It is Disk 0 --- Online --- Size 0 B, Free 0 B

In Disk Management - It is Disk 0 - Unknown - Not initialized.
I right click (currently unable to click on Initialize disk, but BEFORE I COULD) - I would choose GPT and I received the lovely "the specified disk is not convertible because the size is less than the minimum size for gpt disks"
I tried it with MBR - same result.

I do not know much of the commands in Diskpart. All I want to do atm is to recover my documents before doing the CLEAN command and formatting the SSD. I can handle the formatting aspect and I have had this issue in the past, during that time, I had nothing important to recover.

I am hoping to find a tool that I can throw into my USB stick and boot load into it and get access to this SSD and grab my documents. I am in urgent need of this documents as it relates to unemployment benefit, it is my work search history and I do fear, if I get audit, I need those documents to show proof of work searches. If it wasn't for that .doc I would have nuked the SSD already.

Tools I used so far:

Samsung Magician kinda see it but as blank.
EaseUS - doesnt see it
PC Inspector File Recover - doeesnt see it
Disk Drill - doesnt see it
Stellar Data Recovery - doesnt see it
DiskInternal Partition Recovery - doesnt see it
dmde 3.8.0 - It see it but unable to get access into it. "Disk o - SATA - \\?\scsi#disk&even_&prod----superlong random letters and #. The error I get is (The Disk is not accessible)

So I am now at my wit's end. I am not sure if there is more stuff I can do in DISKPART - but I am scared to mess with that aspect in fear of data loss, cause I know if I Diskpart Clean - I will lose my data before re-initializing the disk.
This SSD was going strong for 3-4 years now, I mostly keep my PC turned on 24/7 (sleep mode after inactivity), so literally went to bed with the pc on, woke up, pc was off for some odd reason, turned the pc on, would attempt to load and forced itself into repair mode, unable to repair automatically and took me into a blue screen with options. Was unable to use my system restore point, unable to uninstall previous win update/change. Was unable to use system image, was unable to go into safe mode.

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Sep 11, 2021
Update - added notes

I am probably under the assumption I am gonna need ultimatebootcd - but since it carries 100s of tools in it, I do not know which one I am required to use. Recovry, partition, disk editing, etc etc, as this is something I have no clue on.