Question SSD Failure?


Apr 6, 2014
So I have had this SSD for a little under 2 years, I am not 100% if its what I just upgraded or my SSD is deciding to go out at a perfect coincidence. I just switched from my 4790k Z97 setup to the Ryzen 9 3950x with a TUF Gaming X570-Plus. I am getting constant errors in event viewer saying that windows operations failed to get permission. Everytime I download a game on Steam, Origin, etc I have to verify it so it can download the rest of the game because if i dont that game will crash. Sometimes Steam or other applications wont even download games because it says it has no permission to the folders it downloading to, but it does. I have tried just about everything to get all these errors to go away but there is just way to many. Not to mention when I am downloading a game from steam my computer will hang up and go so slow its almost impossible to do anything. It was working 100% fine before I installed all this new hardware, and reinstalled windows. Everything is fresh, all drivers are up to date, and all the bios is up to date. Please help I am at a loss, if this ssd is failing I am going to just buy a PCI-e 4.0 SSD, but I really dont wanna hit the bank again if I dont have to.

Samsung EVO 860 2tb SSD
Ryzen 9 3950x
ASUS TUF Gaming x570-Plus
Corsair RM1000 Power Supply
Corsair 3600 64gb Ram (2x32gb)