SSD free space slowly going down?


Apr 8, 2012

I have recently upgraded to SSD from HDD and it is my first time using more than 1 storage so I have couple of questions.

it seems like the free space on my SSD is slowy decreasing. For example, yesterday free space was 100.0 GB but now, it is only 99.6GB (No updates and I have done all the tweaks).


I have installed a game on my other HDD (D:) and after the install, the space on my SSD decreased about 300-400MB. But after uninstallation, those used up MB never came back.

How I uninstalled was:
I went to Computer -> uninstall or change program and I delete the program from there.
(I did not install the game on my SSD but it created shortcut and the game was on the uninstall/change program list).
Then I went to my D drive and deleted the whole installed game folder.
I did the same thing on my SSD where the saved game file was.

Did I properly uninstall the program?
I am wondering if there are still left over files from the game that is using up 300-400MB which never came back.

Sorry for making thing so complicated and THANK YOU!!


Dec 31, 2011
My first guess would be that you still have hibernation enabled, and that slowly eats away at disk space. Most games will install some pieces into the Windows system folder... things like libraries (dll). You can easily see where your disk space is disappearing by installing a graphical disk analyzer like sequoia view or windirstat.


Mar 30, 2012

You can disable Hibernation if you don't use it, as well as decrease your pagefile size. Here is a useful guide:



Apr 6, 2012
As spankmon said, alot of games install various versions of DLLs into your Windows directory, when they uninstall, they don't take these DLLs with them, because some other program could be using the DLL. If you go trekking into your windows folder, you can find the directory where this goes on, it will be several gigabytes in size.

Shortly after getting my first SSD, I was able to move this folder off disk by booting from a windows install disk and using the recovery console. I did an mklink /D to create a directory symbolic link to the folder, and my computer continued to function properly, except windows updates never worked (they would try and fail). In hindsight, I think that procedure may work if you do a mklink /J (creating a junction, or hard link, rather than a symbolic link). I'm tempted to try this now :)
While I agree that hibernation should be disable - that is not his problem.
Hibernation space is fixed and is equal to ram installed. Installeing and uninstalling a game would not change the size of the hibernation file.

Have you disabled Restore points. If memory serves me correct each new restore point is about 320 mb (ABOUT what you are seeing), and it does NOT delete the previous restore point. Whenever you install anew program a New restore point is created, not sure if un-installing then also creates a new point.

Recommend you disable, are at least Limit the size that restore point can take. NOTE you can not offload restore point to a 2ndary HDD. If you turn off restore points you may need to rune Diskcleanup to reclaim space.
Try this webpage from The SSD Review: The SSD Optimization Guide..

It has tweaks for SSD users, alot of them to save drive space: hibernate, pagefile lowering, restore points, etc. Lots of things already mentioned, but it tells you how to do them!

If you have an anti-virus program, that gets bigger each time it updates. But not that much.

And as for left-over files after an uninstall: YES! You can delete the files/folders if you are sure they were from the program unistalled.


Apr 8, 2012

Thank you for ALLL the replies guys!

well I already had the hibernation off and same with restoration AND temp folder moved to HDD.

It seemed like 400MB disappeared RIGHT after the game was installed.
Maybe it was windows updates I might have not noticed.

I heard CCleaner is pretty good and is it okay to use with SSD?
(not doing reg cleaning, no secure deletion and no wiping free space).

I have never used a cleaner before and I just think this SSD is just making me paranoid! lol