Question SSD freezes sometimes when booting into windows and also won't shut down


Apr 3, 2017
Current setup
250gb Samsung 860evo (OS)
1T hard drive
1T hard drive
3T hard drive with another OS
If I boot to my 3T drive none of these problems happen so something is clearly wrong with my ssd.

My computer freezes whenever I boot into windows. But its quite random, sometimes I can get into windows fine and sometimes it freezes twice or even three times in a row. My pc also doesn't shut down. Tried running chkdsk but no bad files came up, tried to use the windows reinstall but keep all my personal files and I said: "There was a problem resetting your pc" and also tried other software that checks my ssd health but nothing seemed wrong. So what's wrong?

If I can't get into windows 3 or 4 times windows automatically puts me in a menu. If I go advanced options use the command prompt and type chkdsk there errors do come up saying "Security descriptors verification completed. 7 data files processed. Errors detected in the uppercase file." Whats uppercase file and why are these errors only showing in this command prompt?? Also, if I try to fix these files by doing chkdsk /f it says this. "The type of the file system is NTFS. Cannot lock current drive. Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected"
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