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Question SSD Freezing

May 5, 2021
My computer recently started having problems with freezing. What happens is it will start to lose function (i.e, not being able to close tabs or open taskbar) and will proceed to lose function until it is completely locked up. While it's locked up, I can still move the mouse. This only occurs when using web browser or on the desktop, not while playing games that are on my hard drive. This leads me to believe it is a Solid State problem, which is where my OS is installed. I have a 512 GB M.2 NVME SSD. Any help is appreciated. I could be wrong that it's my SSD, but that's my best guess.
To confirm it's your ssd, boot up a linux live cd/usb and see if your system locks up. If it doesn't, I would say that your hunch has a good chance of being right as linux will be running purely from ram and won't touch the disks.