SSD Fresh OS Install Opinions?


Mar 6, 2012
So I just got an Intel 320 128GB SSD and 1TB Caviar Black, (mobo only supports 3.0/Gbs) and was just looking for some input.
Right now my plan is as follows:

Disk 0: SSD: [20GB C: OS Partition] [6GB P: Pagefile] [100GB D: Games/Programs]
Disk 1: HDD: [Temporary Files][Games/Programs] [Documents, Downloads]

(Temporary Files include /TEMP, /TMP, Chrome/FF Temporary Files, etc)

After install:
Disable: Hybernation, Drive Indexing, System Restore, Prefetch/Superfetch, Windows Error Reporting (Crash Dump),
Enable: High Performance Power Saving Profile

Run: dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded - To remove excess from winSxS

Anyone have any input? Recomendations on OS partition size, pagefile size, temp partition, etc. See anything I absolutely SHOULDN'T do? I use to keep my pagefile on the secondary HD at the front of the drive, but I read that's not necessarily better than keeping it on the SSD now. Or should I just add Pagefile to the disable list, and bump the OS partition to 26-28GB?

Currently have i7 920 OC @ 3.8 and 6GB DDR3 @ 1600Mhz 8-8-8-24
With only a 20gb partition for the OS that doesn't leave much room for updates and drivers.
I'm with Rolli on this one , too many partitions , just leave the SSD whole and partition the hdd if you want to seperate things. You can disable the items that you listed and run those items that you listed.