SSD further question...


Thanks to the guys that helped me narrow my choices to an Intel 520 and a Samsung 830. I was browsing anandtech and found this:

Obviously, the 2 drives are significantly faster than each other compared to what they are writing. My question is what 'normal' size do computers write at? 2KB, 4KB, 32KB. I think that would help me end my decision.

I use my computer for light gaming, Internet and want to do some video and photo editing down the road.
After looking at the chart it would seem to me that you would benefit from the Intel drive since it was consistently better at writes of all sizes and the reads appear to be a wash.
I think that since Intel is such a powerful force in the computer industry I do think they get the better parts such as the nand flash and if you notice they don't usually offer rebates and fire sales. I think they go by quality and not so much quantity and that's why they can offer a five year warranty. That's at least 2 years better than the Samsung and I don't remember seeing anybody else even that close. Right now I have the Intel 520 Cherryville 240gb in my cart at Newegg , couple more days and it's mine.