Jan 28, 2012
Does anyone know if a new series of SSDs are coming out within the next 2 months, I'm looking to buy one now but will wait if new, better stuff's coming out soon.
If it's not worth waiting then what would the best buy be now (looking for a 60GB drive), OCZ's Agility is currently looking good.
Thanks :)
If looking at the Agility III, then would not worry about new SSDs in the next couple of Monthes (Dollar wise)

Right now you can pick up a 60 Gig agillity III for $60: Which is a good price point for it.

That said:
1) 60 gig is the MIN size for an OS = Program drive with the recommend size being 80+ gigs.
2) Remenber that that 60 gigs is ONLY about 50 gigs usable.
3) Agillity III is toward the Bottom of the list of SATA III drives performance wise.
... In reviews the Agillity III performs no better on a SAT II port than if placed on a SATA III port. I have VERIFIED this as I have 2 120 gig Agility III. Replace one that was used as a OS + Program drive with the Samsung 830 and now only use the agility III as a storage drive.
catch the Samsung 830, or Curcuial m4. They often go on sale. Intel is probably the best for reliabiloity,but it's sales prices are normally higher than the sale prices of the other two.

I think the Intel 510 maybe able to find on sale at a good price, until they disappear as they have been replaced with the 520.

You could get a good sata II SSD such as the the Samsung 430, or the Intel sata II, However, I'd recommend sticking with the Sata III so that when you upgrade system you can simply move it over.

PS On Performance - you may see a big diff in manuf calim and in benchmarks using ATTO (uses compresed data which artifically give HIGH Sequencial read/writes - BUT Seq performance is the LEAST important matrix for a OS + Program drive)

Take care, and ENJOY. I have SSD in two desktops and two laptops and would never go back to a mechanical HDD for OS + Programs.



Mushkin makes some good drives that are cheaper. their Enhanced Chronos deluxe drives are as fast as youll get and at a good price. i highly recommend them.