Question SSD-HDD combo error 1720- smart hard drive detects imminent failure

Oct 23, 2019
I am using HP desktop i7-3770 and 256gb SSD windows10 pro 64bit (build 18362 updated to 1903). System model is HP Compaq elite 8300 SFF.
I have an old 3.5" 500GB HDD. I want to use it as an extra storage disk. I connected it to motherboard via sata cable.

When I turn on the PC, I got this warning.

1720- smart hard drive detects imminent failure
Failing drive: sata4 (Black)
failing attribute: # 05
To minimize the risk of data loss, backup the contents of your hard drive and run DPS Self-test in F10 setup.

At the bottom was written F1 boot. So I pressed F1 and PC turned on as always with no problem.
From management I format the old disk. I restarted PC again it gave me the same error. I pressed F10 and access the bios and I run DPS self test for the old disk. It says "Test failed. Drive replacement recommended"

Is there any way yo use it.Or I just can't use that old disk while I am using windows10. Because I was using it before while I was using windows7.

Thank you in advance
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Sep 2, 2019
1720- smart hard drive detects imminent failure
Hi @taus35 ,

Unfortunately, that old HDD has reached it's EOL & needs to be replaced.

Sorry for the bad news. But hey! A 500GB SSD can be had for around $52, even cheaper if you buy it on sale. I bought this exact one while on sale for under $30 2 years ago (Or any other brand within your budget) and as you know, an SSD is faster than an old (or even new for that matter! lol) HDD.
Oct 23, 2019
Attribute #05 is the Reallocated Sector Count. The drive has too many bad sectors, probably more than 500.
I have another PC which has the same configuration. I have another 1TB HDD and it is working properly with that PC. Now I will try my 500GB HDD with that PC. If it is not working as you said it has too many bad sectors.

By the way, I was using that 500GB HDD before without any problem.

Thanks for your response.