SSD + HDD Combo: Worth it? How Should I Organize It?

Jul 17, 2018
[Note: The questions are asked after paragraph 1 :p]

I have a prebuilt HP PC which I bought on Black Friday for $500~. It came with an Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb, an i5-7400, 8gb of ram, and a 1 TB HDD. I'm very happy with the value of this purchase, and the PC itself is more than I would really need, however, I use this PC for gaming and sometimes larger applications. The only upgrade I really see myself needing/affording is better storage, which is why I was thinking about picking up a $100~ SSD to really speed up my configuration since applications and downloads take a while to open and booting times take a while.

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I was recently introduced to the idea of using my HDD as a data drive and buying an SSD and using it as my boot drive, but then I had some questions:

If I use my HDD as a data storage, would I put my games on it? Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of an SSD making apps and games load faster?
How should I organize this HDD + SSD Combo?
Is an SSD really that much faster?
What is a good SSD if I should go through with this? Should it be more than 250gb?
Will I need to buy some sort of SATA cable to connect it (I'd assume so since I am using a pre-built PC which likely doesn't have any M.2 slots..)

I know this is a lot. Any help is very much appreciated.

Also, if you could recommend me a Steam game, what would it be? I want to get more into PC gaming but haven't found a game that really makes me want to get on and use my PC to its full value. I honestly kind of bought my PC thinking the value was really good (I was very interested in PC building and gaming but never owned a PC) and that I should make the jump to the PC gaming world, but the purchase still hasn't validated itself in my book...
First, is your 1TB partitioned? If so, what sizes?
You can clone your 1TB to an SSD if the SSD is big enough.
You can install all games on the SSD if you want them to load fast, but what most people do who have a large collection.
Store games on the HDD and put the games you play mostly on the SSD, so they load quicker... but they wont make the game run quicker so you won't gain FPS or anything from it being on an SSD.
AS for SSD being much faster, its blindingly fast.
There are many SSD manufacturers, but personally I prefer Samsung - personal choice.
Look inside your case, see if you can get an M2 - then you don't need a cable, failing that, buy SSD and SATA cable, also make sure you have enough Power connectors from your PSU.

As for games from steam, there are many good ones, but who knows what you enjoy, only you do. Just read the top 50 games of all time, and buy one you think you may like.

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