Feb 19, 2019
This might sound like a dumb question but is there a way i can only move my windows files into my ssd so i can have a faster boot time etc and keep all of my games on my HDD and not have to move everything over to my ssd or completely reinstall all my games because my ssd isnt big enough for everything on my drive?
Yes, do a clean windows install, and back up all your documents, photos, videos, etc. so you don't lose them. Installing apps is nothing, you just install what you need right now, and install other apps later when you need them if you have all your backed up data.

i would suggest leave everything on the HDD, that way, steam or whatever can do a repair probably and link back up to them.
disconnect the HDD from power and SATA

use the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool to make a bootable usb

boot on usb and let installer format the SSD

after you install windows, remove usb and boot on ssd, make sure everything works well and stable. then you can hook up the HDD and power on and make sure you are booting off the SSD... remember your HDD still has a bootable windows image on it. i would get my data backed up and just format the HDD and use it as mass storage, myself, and install all games to it
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