SSD How do I move old HDD shortcuts to C:/ an ssd


How do I move my original Desktop shortcut Icons to my SSD, 64GB? I installed a new WIN7 on the ssd but still have win7 on the old, now currently D:/ HDD.
Same for taskbar items.


Jun 8, 2011
boot from hdd, go to control panel>backup & restore>windows easy transfer (in the bottom left corner) then pick where you want to save your user account and select 'this is my old computer'

after that boot from ssd, repeat the process and on last step, select 'this is my new computer'

note that this will not transfer anything but what is specific to your user account, so basically no programs of any kind, just stuff like desktop, start menu, etc. and the windows settings


I can't boot from the HDD and still have the SSD connected. I've tried rearranging boot order but it doesn't work. AMI UEFI bios, Asrock Ex3 Gen3, 16GB RAM, 1TB WD 7200RPM.
I can't even get my MB utilities to load in the tray


When I use the SSD in AHCI it will boot to the SSD which only has WIN7 on it. I can go to my D: HDD which was originally my C: BOOT drive and it still has Win 7 and boot sector on it.
BUT: I can't see the desktop shortcuts on the D: HDD and can't really find some files.
I've tried mklink on the SSD to link to D: HDD files but it comes up with the word <Program> as an invalid entry.
I have to reset the BIOS to defaults and invoke it 2 or 3 times just to get back to my original HDD drive which is now the C: drive, with Win7. Windows is doing the drive renaming, not me. I cannot boot the HDD alone with the BIOS set at AHCI and the SSD won't show up in the boot sequence unless I have AHCI set ON.
I currently have the SSD unplugged and am running my original setup, except that I can't find my Norton Internet Security and can't get Steam going properly.


Did I ask a Totally Stoopid Q??? I just wanted a few working shortcut icons on my SSD boot drive.
I've said "To Hell!", with the project and went back to booting with my HDD. The 15 seconds faster boot time isn't really what I was concerned with. I just wanted to try to load a few games on the SSD. I'll jus t wipe the OS from it and use it as a storage for a game and see how that works.
I guess I just don't understand all the 'Wonder!', at booting in 15 seconds. I can boot in 35 sec from my 1TB HDD and not lose any sleep over it.


Jan 10, 2010
Not sure which shortcuts you want to "recover"

maybe this would help:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"
let's say that you want this particular shortcut, change "c" for "d" or whatever is your old drive.

maybe this might help too.