Question SSD in budget(ish) build. NVMe, Internal Drive, and what is up with Crucial P2?


Apr 30, 2014
I've avoided SSD drives for years because of worries over longevity of drives. I've had spinning platter drives work for more than 2 decades so if you've come to this thread to crap on older drives, just go away.

That said, I'm getting a new mobo that has M.2 slots and was getting ready to give it a go. My intention is to move the User directories to a HDD drive and running only Windows and software from the SSD drive to lower the writing activity.

Anyway, I've seen guides suggest NVMe isn't a huge benefit and recommending something like the SU635 from Adata: and other go with Crucial's P1 NVMe saying it's cheap enough to consider on a budget.

My last main drive (minus the User folders) uses under 250gb, so I figure 500gb is more than enough and keeps the price down.

Finally, what is up with Crucial's P2? It's out, supposedly slightly faster and slight cheaper and no one recommends it and I can't find a single review. Is there something seriously wrong with it compared to the P1?

So under $90, what's a good answer?

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Mar 16, 2013
Don't move the whole /Users/ folder to a different drive.
Bad things will happen. The system will crash. Maybe not immediately, but it will.
There is zero issue having the /Users/ folder on the SSD. If you want, you can use the HDD for personal files, but don't move that whole folder.

Don't worry about SSD longevity. That is a thing of the past. It will die from something else, or outlive the system completely.

Under $90?
Crucial MX500 (SATA III)
Intel 660p (NVMe)

You're not finding much on the P2 because it is brand new.