SSD in RAID0 - Pro's and Cons?


Nov 24, 2011
I want some information about SSD in RAID0
In my country, 120GB = €120 and 240=€240
Then what's the point of getting 1x240?

What are exactly the Pro's and Con's of multiple SSD's in RAID0?
^ Outstanding explaination.

My take:
.. For a OS + Program drive, do not use raid0. Note I used raid 0 in ALL my pre SSD systems. Started using with IDE systems and found it to provide a good boost for the then even slower HDDs.
.. Only recommend raid 0 for Storage drive (HHD or SSD) and that is if the drive is used to work with LARGE files structures that can take advantage of the boost in Sequencial read/writes. large structure files: Video vfiles such as DVD and Blue ray files (.VOB are typically 1 gig and blue-ray 10->40 gigs for single file), large spreadheets, cad/cam drawings, when working often with jpeg/bitmap Photos.

What I've done is take two 128 gig SSDs; one for OWS + Programs and one as a storage/work drive. It simplies back up.
-- For OS + Program drive, I periodically make an Image of the "C" drive using windows Back up - Once right after OS install, driver install and programs. Then once ever 3 Months
-- For 2nd SSD (D Drive), as any of user generated files, I back up frequently

In a nut shell of what malmental said:
.. Improves Sequencial read/write performance. Least important matrix for OS + Program drive, Most important for LARGE files structures.
.. Does NOT improve access time
.. Very little boost to 4 K random read/writes - Most important matrix for a OS + Program drive.
.. Lose of Trim - While most newer drives have improved Garbage collection (CG) it still works better with TRIM.
.. Can not update firmware while in raid config.
.. Within a given SSD family, a larger SSD preforms beeter than the smaller sibling.