Question SSD is at very low health, what to do now ?

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And not all SSD fails are gracefully into read only mode from running out f write cycles;

Some just...die. Completely, instantly.
I've had exactly that.

Keep good backups.
true, but it gets hard to explain the various cases that come up. read only mode would be the best case failure. ie fill up the drive, then burn out the drive reserved write endurance allocations.


Disable Hibernation completely. Himem.sys does a number on drives, depending on ram size, and ppl running 16 or 32Gb of ram with a 256/512Gb primary ssd stand to loose 12Gb to 24Gb right off the rip. With realistic shorter lifespans and/or truncated TBW, having Windows and startup soak up the better part of 100GB before the user even gets to it gets rediculous with file management.