SSD is no longer recognized after using it externally with USB adapter


Feb 3, 2012
My power supply recently died a day before a bunch of grad school deadlines. Naturally, I took my SSD out to quickly recover some important documents I needed to finish the applications. On this other computer, Windows installed some new drivers and I had to use administrative permissions to access the drive. After retrieving the files, I left it plugged in and took a nap. Now, my computer that I normally use is not set to go to sleep mode... when I woke up the computer was asleep and I started to worry. No "safely remove hardware" done. So I resumed windows and sure enough the drive was no longer recognized. It is an OCZ 60GB SSD and the green light is lit in the back... whatever it means.

Today I replaced my power supply and everything is working except that damn SSD. When I first built this PC the SSD was recognized immediately in the BIOS, and I cleared the CMOS so if it did work one should expect the BIOS to recognize it.

Do you think is is ruined? Can using USB to SATA adapter ruin an SSD?

The adapter was supposed to work from 80 GB to 400 GB hardrives. Since the SSD is 60GB, could that be a reason why it isnt working?

Ask my if you need anything clarified. Thanks!