Question SSD is not recognized in disk management or device manager, but it is in BIOS beside M2_1.

Jan 18, 2022
So, I am so confused. I have had this computer for maybe over a year or so and I have had my M.2 SSD formatted to E:/ drive. Just recently I noticed that it has disappeared completely. I have done everything possible to try and fix this. When I go to disk management, it simply no longer shows up as a drive. When I go to Device Manager, I noticed that going under Storage controllers it shows me "Intel(R) SSD 660p Series", which is my SSD, but there is a yellow triangle to the left side of it indicating there is an issue. I checked the connection to the M.2 slot and it seems to be fine, I removed it and reattached it then rebooted it into BIOS.

I checked and it shows the SSD beside M2_1, but it does not show me whether or not it is enabled or disabled. I don't even know if it is supposed to show that or not, but whatever helps. I am not a genius at all when it comes to this and I am just wanting to fix this.

Device Manager:
Disk Management: (And no, I do not recognize the random Disk 1 partitions, but I am not going to remove them just incase.)