SSD is unbelievably slow


Apr 7, 2012
Hi all, i bought an OCZ Solid 3 60gb SATA III SSD. i am using it as a primary OS drive and i have a 1TB WD Caviar Black as storage. I have the SSD plugged into a SATA 3 port on my mobo using a sata 3 cable and it is in AHCI mode but the red/writes speeds are nowhere close to the 500/450 MB/s advertised speeds.

System Specs:

GA-890GPA-UD3H mobo
AMD phenom II x4 965BE
16GB 1333 ram
ocz 700w psu
evga gtx480

i have all recent drivers and everything is up to date. i went to go update the firmware on my ssd but i wasnt able to because it is the primary OS drive and i dont have windows on my storage drive.

here is the benchmark for the ssd
You can update the firmware by going to OCZ and downloading the linux boot disk. I've done this for my OCZ Afility III drives - did not lose the OS nor the data on the 2nd drive.

I think they are up to 2.15, Here is a link, look down and select the linux based tool.

PS bear in mind the solid is a low end drive. The agility III only scores mid 400 (overall as ssd score).