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Question SSD isnt working, please help

Nov 16, 2019
Please help!

I have an intel SSD which is connected to the asus B350 F board and also windows 10 was installed in that ssd ran smoothly for more than 1 and half years.
Suddenly i thought of updating bios (which i did not do before, i used a usb and updated in the bios settings) and chip got updated too (from the windows)
*Updated bios version - 5220 x64
So it gave me few blue screens but was be able to logged on to the windows couple of time then next day when i was trying to turn on the computer it ddnt but gave me the message with an blue screen error saying kernal process has died
But thats okay. I wanna do re install the windows thats fine.

BUT now my other HDD shows in the bios NOT the ssd tho.
I check ssd pluging to another pc and it shows the ssd.

Even when i plug to my current computer bios take time to load yet cannot see the ssd

Tried every thing unplugging other hdds

Please help me to solve this thanks heaps
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Was it working properly prior to your attemt to update the bios ?

Did you consult the mobo manual and see if it was neccesary to change something prior to bios update (like maybe a jumper must be moved, or shadow bios must be disabled) ?


Assuming you don't need to back up any data

Reset your bios and see if the SSD is detected there.

If so then turn off the PC, disconnect the HDD, boot the W10 installer and on the "Where to install to" screen, click Drive Options and then delete all the partitions you see, and then click Next to install W10.