[SOLVED] SSD just dissapeared whilst installing a game - Allready fixed-

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Oct 18, 2020
I solved the issue, appareantly there was a loose cable or something. It wasnt loose when checking it, but reseating both ends of the cable fixed the issue.
Still wondering if it is not my Mobo starting to mess with my. Anyway, it is solved for now.

Hi everyone,

Im encountering a bit of a sudden problem with my PC. I had this pc for about a year now and it ran just fine all the time.
I was just doing some game installations on my D drive, so not my boot drive, but the one that carries all files.
All of a sudden i got an error message that steam couldnt connect anymore.
When i checked it out it just wasnt in my file explorer anymore, it also just didnt show up in my device manager anymore.
I tried to reboot, and my pc just takes 30-50 seconds just to boot up to windows. (before it was like 3 seconds at most).
Tried to boot in my BIOS, that also took forever. The sata ports all say nothing is connected. But now im wondering if it is my SSD that is faulty or causing an issue, or if it is my motherboard that just halfy fried itself or something...

Anyone maybe have any experience on this issue?

looking forward to any response^^

So the drives that do show up, are my m.2 drives. The sata ssd one just vanished.
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