Question SSD load game slower after cloning

Mar 5, 2019
so i last month i buy a 240gb adata su650 ssd and i have watch some youtube and figure it was a decent ssd to buy.

fast forward,i installed it on my pc and just copied my game from my 500gb wd blue to my ssd,after that my,i notice my loading time become longer.

i reinstall the game and the game does load faster but only for 5-7 match then it started to load slower again.(im playing r6s)

so i decide to to delete ALL my game and file that i no longer need from ssd and hdd,to clone it. i used cloning app to clone hdd to ssd. did a fresh installed of r6s and loading time was faster but only for 20 match then the problem persist.

i need help,my spec
p8h61 m lx
i5 2400
8gb ram 1600 kingston
r9 370 4gb xfx
adata su650 240gb
wd blue 500gb
500w mwe CM psu
windows 10 64bit