[SOLVED] SSD Low Write Speed Problem

Jul 13, 2019
I bought my SSD 2 years ago , I sensed a slowness for about 5-6 months, and when I did the test, I saw that the writing speed was terrible.
I threw the Format, bad sector or something, but I couldn't find a solution.
Think what should I do ?
497mb/s Read 100mb/sWrite
Corsair LE200 120GB
The SSD had bad sectors that couldn't be fixed when you ran the format?

If so, bad sectors can be "repaired" only be "avoided" through reallocation - (A format will rectify logical bad sectors - that aren't physical). If so, not much you can do outside running a CHKDSK for example to reallocate the sectors, but bad sectors typically only get worse, so may be time to upgrade if you don't want to run any risks.
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