SSD Migration x2


Apr 11, 2012
I have a project coming up which involves removing an Intel 320 ssd from a workstation and putting it into a lenovo laptop. The workstation will be getting a new Intel 520 (little nervous about this b/c the 320 is very stable but I want to take advantage of the 520 6gb speeds). I plan to migrate os, etc. to both hard drives - the current 320 to the new 520 and then the current lenovo hd to the "old" 320.

The first part seems straight forward. My question is; when migrating the lenovo to the 320 is there anything extra I should do, i.e. delete all information or somehow 'wipe the drive clean' or will this be taken care automatically when I migrate? I am pretty swapping drives like this can be done safely but just need a little guidance on procedure.

I've got xp pro on both systems, upgrading soon. Will use Intel's migration tools. Any help greatly appreciated.


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