Question Ssd not appearing on boot menu

May 16, 2022
So all the similar questions seem to relate to new builds.

Im getting the windows won't load message so I go to bios.

My ssd which has my system saved is listed in the sata connections fine but suddenly won't appear on the boot menu.

Last night my computer turned itself off twice presumably due to overheating. I cleaned it out today and in its defence there was alot of dust built up and I had been gaming then watching a film.

Went to start up and there is the windows won't load message. Well tbh not surprising if it's not finding the ssd in the boot menu.

If the ssd had corrupted or wasn't getting power or something, surely it wouldn't appear in the sata ports list. I can't work out why it suddenly won't appear on the boot menu.
either boot sector/efi partition is not readable by bios or during your pc shutdown bios reseted and CSM compatibility (bios legacy/uefi mode) got switched

first thing to try is to go into bios setup, go into boot page and change CSM compatibility mode, either enable or might work with yout boot drive

if this doesnt help, and you do have spare PC around, you can download hiren boot cd to flesh drive and boot from it, to see whats with your drive. it has some recovery tools in it aswell which will help you with backup, restore and such