Question SSD not dected

Feb 20, 2020
Windows cannot install to the selected drive (0x80300002)
Hi everyone,

So a couple weeks ago my pc started acting erratically. Windows would freeze then crash within a minute after boot. Various reinstallation media wouldn't even be recognized as being inserted. So after switching satas around and trying new cables i was able to determine the cause had to be a motherboard failure. Otherwise everything else failed simaltaniously.

I finally was able to get the new motherboard and get it installed. I can now boot from both my rescue usb and my reinstall disc. I'm trying to use my usb as I've read that makes the process smoother. So brand new mobo, brand new sata cables, all connections are firmly connected. When I run the installer and select the drive it gives me the above error 0x80300002. When I press refresh the drive dissappears.

I've tried using the USB to "repair my pc" and opening command prompt and using diskpart. Diskpart shows the drive when listed. Lets me clean the drive. But when i try to create partition primary, fornat, or convert gpt all fail with the error "The specified device doesn't exist"

I've tried different ports and satas. And again they're brand new. Plus my disc drive seems to work fine with the same ports and cables. I can't think of anything else to try so any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Old board: MSI Z370
New currently installed board: MSI Z390 Gaming plus
CPU: intel core i5 6 core
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti
Ram: 24 gb DDR4 I know two of them are Trident Zs. I'll look up the info exactly if it matters for some reason.
Primary drive (the one having issues): ADATA 250GB SSD
Secondary Drive (currently unplugged for troubleshooting has all my data on it. Windows was able to install here but obviously don't wanna do that): Samsung 2TB HDD

If you need anymore info just ask