Question SSD Not Found In Disk Management?

Aug 10, 2020
Additional SSD? So there is one there already that is visible? Have you tried swapping the SSDs?. So how do you access the m.2 currently? It won't appear in disk manager if the driver doesn't report it as a mass storage device. Kinda generic answer since you didn't provide detail like system info and problem history.


I cannot see the additional SSD on my laptop. I was planning to migrate my OS from Hard Disk to SSD but I cant see my SSD. Tried uninstalling the SSD driver in device manager then restart , still ssd wont display in disk management ? And there seems to be a cloned HDD in disk management tho it says offline . Any fixes for this ?

Looks to me like your OS drive is a 1TB HDD (disk 0) and your SSD is unallocated and listed as disk 1 at 250GB, no?

I highly recommend doing a clean install to an SSD the first time, as it usually takes a lot more time to work out the problems unless you do it all the time. Then grab whatever data you want off the HDD and then format it and use it as a data drive.

When a disk is listed as offline in disk management, check to see that it is properly connected, then right click on it in DM and select online