SSD not recognized in BIOS boot menu


Apr 16, 2012
OK, I had been running my operating system off my SSD, which i had set up and was the first priority in BIOs,

However because of an accident i made in Bios settings, i had to remove the battery in order to reset the settings,

So I went back into bios set up the sata mode as AHCI and the drive is recognized,

I am able to boot from it under the boot menu option, but I can not pin in to a boot priority.

If it helps at all i am using the Asus Bios, the one where you can use the mouse.

So simply the problem is that i cannot get the SSD to be in the options to be a priority boot, although i can go to the boot menu and boot from it. (its the only drive that contains my OS), and I am currently running on it!