SSD not showing up in computer


Jun 29, 2010
Ok so I bought this OCZ vertex sata II drive and I just got it today put in my computer (sata III mobo) and connected it with the previous cord connecting my HDD to Mobo. I plug in the power and the blue light showing it has power turns on I flip my computer on and then it says your OCZ driver is ready for use I click on the notification (windows 7 btw if you haven't caught on) it has the green checkmark and next to it, it says your device is ready for use OCZ blah blah blah. I go into computer and all I see is my HDD (C:) I really want to use this one and i dun feel like returning stuff...

Can you post an image of what shows in Disk Manager? And possibly Device Manager? One picture is frequently worth 954 words (they are having a discount this week).