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Feb 23, 2019
i recently had an issue with my hdd which broke it but i replaced it and got one of my tech savvy friends to install it and also put an os on there as i could not boot up my pc prior to this. i think my old os was stored on my ssd as when i got it back form him after he stated that everything was fine now as he installed the os to my new hdd. only problem is now i cannot see my ssd anywhere, its not on my devices, my computer or on disk management, even when i go onto device manager i cannot see it there. only reason this is bugging me is that my boot time had decreased being as im booting off my hdd not ssd and also all my games and apps have gone all together as they were saved onto my ssd too. all i want to do is boot from my ssd with an os on there so i can access all my files again. another side note is that now i also cannot change my nvidia graphic settings by right clicking on the desktop as the option is no longer there!!
any help at all would be great as i do not want to give it to someone who will charge me loads for something i could do myself.
Feb 19, 2019
the absent control panel is the bug of win10 or the drivers for it. i had the same issue. I reported it to their forums but I got no useful respond!..... so I went back to win 8.1
and I have it every moment there, in mouse right button menu...

you need a windows installation image on a usb drive
go to bios
select the RAID+AHCI (or go there and say what options do you have there)
install a windows onto ssd (a clean official one, run the installation "from bios", not from the old OS, in order to do that you should select the usb boot up device in bios. but I assume it won't fix the absent control panel.... I haven't found the fix.. it seems like the drivers for win10 just don't have it... there's even no its folder...well the only solution I made up is to upload for example mine folders and files associated with it and for you to try opening the application.. idk maybe it will work...) but where was I...
install the windows onto ssd, it should now boot from ssd, then you can...
ohh... at first plae you should go to bios and select the ssd to be primary in boot order menu... if it doen't help then continue reading
then you can just delete the old windows folder from the hdd and all the files and flders you don't need
then go to control panel (press win+r and type control, press enter go to system-advanced system settings-startup and recovery, select your new OS therem uncheck all the "time to display a list" options.. also disable automatic restart in order to see what crushed your pc (if it even happens) and select the small memory dump (which is most useful I guess to have a file for sending to someone to diagnose if you'll even need it. then press ok. that's all
also you can pm me I can tell you how to really tweak the perfomance of win10, it's not that simpe as just disabling features and services, this way the perfomance become even worse. well, I hope this helps

also don't install the intel sata drivers and apps, it can lead to bsods and not abling to load an OS. well you can try installing them before everything I said, just to watch will it crash your system to load anyhow or not, if you don't need it at all then ok, there's no sense in installing it then, windows has its own driver of same perfomance and quality.
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