SSD Only showing up as 3 MB

Hello all and thanks for any help in advance.

About two months ago, I picked up a Corsair Nova Series 2 SSD (I know, I know, horrible drive. My fault for not reading reviews before purchasing). The drive failed horribly as an OS drive but was relatively quick and snappy as a slave today when I went to turn on my computer, everything went as expected. Everything POST'd just fine, until I got into my OS to play some games. I noticed that my entire Steam folder went missing, and any other folder that was on that drive was unable to be accessed (some message about the files being corrupt).

Well long story short, I've been trying to find out what's wrong with this drive for the past 5 hours or so with no luck. I've done some research online but I've only been able to what's possibly causing this, HPA. I've tried using Parted Magic, and Knoppix, but no success. Basically I'm lost on what I need to do to get my drive back (if possible). SSD-Life told me that my drive was still in working order, but I'm having a hard time believing it since now my drive has stopped showing up in my device manager, and disk management windows.

I apologize if any of this was confusing, my mind is in a jumble at the moment so I'm sure some of this didn't make sense...Thanks again for any help in advance and sorry for the long post.

Forgot to mention that I'm not sure if using an SSD as a slave drive will make it die quicker. If that's the case I'm sure it's the reason it failed. :??:

Thanks :) I was thinking that so I sent an RMA form a few hours ago. I was scratching my head thinking the same thing, I only put files on the drive maybe 5-6 times? Otherwise, it was all reads that I did. So I was wondering why it had died on me so quick.

Thanks again :)