Question SSD overheating after connecting molex the wrong way.

Dec 10, 2019
Don't ask me how, but i somehow managed to connect a molex cable the wrong way. Smoke started coming out of my pc, I immediately shut everything down. The molex to sata cable was melted so I got a new one and plugged it in correctly. Everything seemed to be working properly but a few hours later I noticed that something's wrong with my ssd's temperature. Before connecting the molex the wrong way the temperature was about 35C, now it's about 45-50C. Also I left my pc on overnight and when i woke up my pc had restarted by itself. According to hard disk sentinel log files my ssd at some point during the night reached a temperature of 71C and that's probably the reason it restarted but I can't be sure. Today the drive has lower temperature but it keeps changing constantly from 35C to 45C and sometimes even 50C. There isn't any important data stored in this drive, only the windows installation and some programs that i can download again, so i am not really worried about the drive dying. Any suggestions? Do you think i should replace my drive or there is something else causing it to overheat?
Any help is much appreciated!!