SSD Performance drop!


Jun 19, 2012
I have recently built new PC with an SSD, and i noticed my Windows Index subscore my memory has dropped from 7.9 to 5.8.

When I installed windows, i had only the SSD plugged in. I believe I enabled ACHI mode. However, there was a second option, something like GSATA 3, thats was on IDE :/ is that the problem, i have no idea. Any help would be much appreciated.



I did a benchmark with AS SSD, results below :-

Seq - 197 30 MB/s
4K- 17 53 MB/s
4K-54Thrd - 49 52 MB/s

first check with your mb book..on new mb there are two sata chipset the intel ports and third party like asmedia. most time the other ports are made for data drives. most bios the other ports are turned off. also make sure you installed the newest intel chipset drivers for the mb and check that the bios is up to date. also i use crystal mark test with all zero tests gets closer to real work test that vendor use. here mine (intel 520 on z77 sabertooth.) the second number is higher i turned off c states on the intel cpu.
To verify what americanbrian stated.
Down load AS SSD, install and open it.
Upper left will Identify:
.. SSD make/model/Firmware.
.. Driver, For intel best is iaSTor, followed by msahci. If it is pcide it will also show "BAD" and is the reason (which is the normal reason WEI will show 5.9 for Hard drive).
.. Will also show if partition alignment is correct, will show "OK"

while smorizio is correct, to get what Manuf CLAIMED performance you must run a benchmark that uses data that is Highly compressable - Ba Hum Bug, this is Not real life nor indictive of what true "in use" performance will be.

I Ignore manuf High seq performance using ATTO (designed for HDD).
.. As stated, using compressed data is NOT real life.
.. AND besides, Sequencial read/writes are the LEAST important Parameter for a OS = Program SSD drive.

Like AS SSD (designed for SSDs), as (1) closer to real Life, and (2) provides addition info without even runing benchmark.


Jun 19, 2012
I enabled PCH SATA Control Mode to AHCI when i installed but i had GSATA3 set to IDE? Should i reinstall windows then?
What Does AS SSD show for driver.
Why is GSATA3 set to IDE??
and On which sata Port is the SSD installed on.

You have a Z68, the SSD should be installed on the SATA III Intel Port.
Sett all ports to ahci unless YOU have a specific reason not to.


Jun 19, 2012
I think that the GSATA3 is the Marvell chip, which my SSD is not plugged into.

AS SSD Results
msachci -OK
103424 K - OK
That looks good,
Next question, is your "system" partition on the SSD, or the HDD.
Easy way to check, Rt click my computer, selcect manage, then on left side slect Disk management..
Look at the "block" diagram for SSD, should be Drive0 and should show a Tiny 100 MB system partition with the rest of the drive as a "C"-drive.

Recommend you update the msahci driver to Intels iaSTor Driver 10.8 or later.
If page shows "select OS" then select OS ie windows 7 64 bit, then click on drivers.
You want the 2nd one (don't need the F6 driver.



WAIT ^^^^ did you say Memory subscore?

Your SSD is your "Primary Hard Disk" the memory is for your RAM.

The only reason this should change would be if you installed slower RAM (upgrade maybe?) and that would drop the FSB down (or equivalent from CPU memory controller, whats the correct term here Hypertransport or something??)
^^ good catch, He was talking SSD, so My "SLOW" mind just assumed score was for SSD.

SSD should be around 7.6 +/- .2
memory, Not sure but close to 7.6-> 7.8 probably. will have to check mine as I have ripjsaw DDR3-1600 In two systems But it's CL7.
(Added - 7.7 on my i5-750 and 7.9 on my i5-2500k. end added)

another possiblility is if for some reason it has reverted to single channel mode.

Recommend download and run CPUID CPU-z and click on memory tab which will show what the memory is running at.
1) For RAM score, in your MB you have to change to X16 in the memory setting otherwise it will be default to DDR3-1066. I have same MB and CPU but I don't check the Windows Index subscore for my memory in DDR3-1066.

2) The Agility 3 is not real SATAIII SSD. It is the SATA II SSD so that you can't get the high reading and writing benchmark. But do you update the firmware, if not here is the link and read the note before you update it

3) You can let it alone for the GSATA 3 setting because you don't use it at all.
^ Right Idea "otherwise it will be default to DDR3-1066", but default value slightly off, for his system would be 1333, not 1066 (SB Cpu & Z68), default for IB and Z77 bumps up to 1600. My quess dropping from 1600 to 1333 would not drop WEI all the way down to 5.8 (Operating in single channel vs daul channel might).

BUT he will know if he runs CPU-z and clicks on memory tab.