Mar 12, 2022
Hello! This is the first time I ask about anything on a forum, and you get why - I am totally stumped now with my issue. I try to figure out what is the problem. Here are all the details:
My specs:
MSI Z390 Edge Gaming
Intel Core I9 9900
Hard Drive 4 TB
EVGA 850W supernova

The story:
PC is relatively new, just a year or two.
I was playing games like Doom Eternal through January, all was fine. In Febuary I did not use it as much, and 70% of the time Windows 10 was in Sleep Mode with 3 relatively active Chrome tabs opened. Throughout all February I could leave my PC in sleep mode for days with the tabs and then use it, and only sometimes I turned it off.
It broke, after that I was able to use it for two more days, and it broke again.

What happened:
In sleep mode, my case power button blinks, and PC is shut down, silent. But for a reason, when it happened, I found it turned on, the button also on, and the screen on but blank, and it was not responding to any signals. After I turned power off and on I was getting windows errors and the SSD was even disappearing from BIOS. When I left it off for the night, in the cold morning I could turn it on and it would boot the system for about 2-10 minutes before crashing, and then the same - blue screen, then dissapearance. Then on the weekend somehow the issue was fixed, maybe because once I booted the system I was quick enough to manually enter sleep mode a couple of times, and I was able to use it for another two days. On last Monday, however, I once again left it in sleep mode, and after some time once again found it in that exact state when PC was on, but the screen was blank and there was no response. And once again, ssd fails significantly, disappears and reappears as crazy.
Here is what I know:
• System files are checked and good
• SSD fails in both M.2 slots, with second being never used
• When I use M.2 --> USB adapter, I am able to boot into safe mode in a moment through recovery options and ssd works great as if nothing happened
• When I try to boot normally using adapter, Windows infinitely loads, I left it for 2 hr and was still loading
• As I turn PC on with SSD in any of M.2 slots, the system does not even load. Either freezes and shows blank Windows recovery page color, or motherboard logo with nothing else, until turns off. Then dissapears from BIOS until I remount it.
• When I transfered gigabytes of data to and from the SSD in safe mode it was hot/warm but in a normal way. When It is in an M.2 slot, despite system not even loading, it gets EXTREMELY hot for no reason until I turn off or it shuts dows.
• When I was able to use PC with it in the slot for two days, I've done system benchmakr and all components like GPU CPU and RAM were good. And nothing turned off. CrystalDiskInfo showed 98% health on SSD.
• I checked MB manual for SATA interference, and my PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD should work fine, and it worked before
• during the short time boot ups I could do before second failure I figured that before system failed SSD speed dropped to 0, and everything froze
• when it failed/fails, blue screen is shown for a moment after which pc shuts down.
• no signs of burning or melting spots both on SSD and on MB,
• I turned off GPU driver in devices in safe mode to see whether it was the issue, but it had no change, so it is not GPU.

I have no f clue what it is and why. My only guesses are:
• SSD component failed and lets in abnormal voltage, which gets through M.2 but does not through USB 3.0 or there is some sort of a short circuit somewhere
• PCIe lane on motherboard is dying
• Something happened to PSU
• Windows Sleep Mode gone crazy and cant decide when to let power and when not

I've also noticed that my headphones lights (connected through usb to mb slots in behind) in some parts stay on even when pc is shut down and blink as if it was a short circuit. Also sometimes when I rapidly turn power on and off SSD adapter can also have its light on, but no blinking, and it is in frontal usb port.
Mar 12, 2022
I used my pc pretty often but in Feburary it was 70% of the time in sleep mode with 3 active chrome tabs open, I could leave it like tyat for days before turning off ilanf it was fine
It broke once, then I was able to use it for two day, and it broke second time
As I mentioned my oc was in sleep mode but when it broke both times I found it turned ON with blank screen also ON, not responding to any signals. After I turned it off, ssd was not able to boot the system and crashed, and then dissapeared from BIOS. After leaving it for a day, I could turn the system on for about 2-7 minuted before crashing