Sep 28, 2011
Anyone think that SSDs are long overdue for major price reductions or is it just that companies know they can charge what they do. I am wanting to get opinions cause i want to buy another 120-128 GB SSD soon.
Like anything else, as manufacturing prices drop and production and quality go up, prices will fall. Supply and demand also plays into this. Hard drives have been around a long time compared to SSD's. I think in another 3-5 years prices may actually be in line with HDD's in price per gig... at least one can only hope so.


Nov 17, 2008

Prices have gradually been decreasing over the past couple of years, however a lot of prices have held constant or even increased over the past few months. I thought prices were about to hit my magic buy point and then all of the ones I've been watching started going back up! I've also noticed that prices do fluctuate a little bit each day, and I see various models on sale here and there for a day or two each. It make sense to watch the prices and shop around. I don't know when they will go back into a gradual decline. My personal theory is that sharply increased hard drive prices have put a little pressure on SSD's. With less difference in price between SSD's and rotating hard drives I would expect that some people have decided to buy SSD's for system drives instead of rotating hard drives.


Feb 21, 2012

Here's a good resource which tracks the daily prices of SSDs

Current the #1 ranked drive in terms of price per gigabyte is:

Verbatim 128 GB SSD priced at $131.99 / $1.03 per gigabyte

Hope that helps.