SSD Priority for speed over other variables


Jan 15, 2016
I'm about to buy a laptop or tablet hybrid, something roughly mid-range, and I'm trying to prioritise components for speed. I want the laptop for general use including watching movies and maybe some light gaming, but it will not primarily be a gaming laptop, so doesn't need a hardcore GPU. What I'm wondering is how much difference having a SSD will make to the speed of startup, opening programmes and also the function of progammes once running (I get the impression the latter may be a lesser effect than the former two?).

I know you can't give me a clear answer without knowing specifics, but if we take these two machines as an example :

An HP ProBook 430 G3 13.3 with an i5-6200U CPU, 4GB DDR3L RAM and a 128GB SSD
and a Dell Inspiron with an Intel i7-5500U, 8GB RAM and a 1TB HDD, how would the difference in RAM and CPU speed compare with the SSD vs HDD speeds? I'm not greatly concerned with total storage space, it's just that I have limited options for computers (I'm in New Zealand) and there aren't that many with SSD drives and I'm not sure how much I should sacrifice other components to include one.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

(If anybody's bored and wants to check through this site and make a recommendation for a good laptop for between $700NZ and $1200NZ that would be much appreciated, but I don't expect anyone to do that:
SSDs are much faster for startup and overall responsiveness of the system plus less of a drain on battery but I wouldn't sacrifice other parts that influence performance. You could always change HDD for SSD later on when they become more affordable.