Question SSD problem. Help!

Oct 31, 2019
Hello good people!

My new SSD is not showing in the BIOS. I've played with the boot options but nothing happened.
When try to install Windows 10(different versions of it) from a booted flash drive, when I get to the option for choosing the disk on which the OS to be installed, it shows the SSD, but I can't install the windows. I have tried multiple times and most of the times the system shows multiple errors during or without even to have started the installation(at 0 percent of it). Once I got to the "windows will restart to continue the installation", but after restarting the laptop can't find the ssd and again boots to install the OS anew.

I have tried the SSD on a old PC with bios from 2006 and successfully installed windows xp on it, so the SSD I think works. The reason I have bought the ssd is because the S.M.A.R.T was warning me that my HDD was going bad, and eventually the laptop was going slow and not loading the OS at times.

Please good people, I need your help.
The laptop is Asus f555l
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