Question SSD problem (Not found in BIOS, disk management in multiple computers)

Sep 11, 2020
Looks like my SSD just died, but wanted to see if there is any way I can get it back. My SSD is Samsung Evo 860 1TB. I've been using it between 1-2 years... It was about a couple of days ago... I left the computer on... came back.. all of sudden I see the windows 10 initial set up page. (so, I had windows 10 installed on this Samsung SSD.. I bought a desktop that had windows 10 pre-installed as well. When I put my exisiting samsung SSD into the new desktop, I changed the boot order and was able to use the windows 10 that I was using on my old computer. It turned out that my SSD died and when the computer restarted, it started with the windows 10 from the SSD that came with the new desktop.

My samsung SSD was still connected to the desktop. I looked at my computer, disk management, downloaded and checked the third party application.. My Samsung SSD does not show up. I re-booted and went in BIOS mode.. The hard drive is not recognized...

Researched online.. tried power cycle trick 3 times... Still no luck.......
Since my Samsung SSD is not even showing up in disk management or anywhere while windows 10 runs, I cannot even format, initialize.... The desktop treats as if there is no Samsung SSD attached to it..

I am lost now... dont know what else I can do. There are a lot of stuff in the SSD that I need to retrieve..... My last backup was like 6 months ago, so it is not the worst, but there are a lot from the last 6 months..

Also, I can say that it is not SATA cable problem... I connected my other old 2.5 hard drive.. and the desktop recognizes the hard drive perfectly fine. I tried to put this Samsung SSD into a laptop that I have. The Samsung SSD is not recognized there as well and it is pretty much same.

Anything that you think I can do to fix this? I appreciate in advance. Anything I can clarify, please let me know.
Thank you

PC Tailor

Welcome to the forums my friend!

I think you already know the answer to this.

Your SSD is likely kaputt now unfortunately.
Data recovery is wildly expensive thus why regular backups are essential. Not much you can do without specialist help to recover.