Question SSD Problems with Asus huracan g21

Apr 14, 2019

Anyone got ideas what is causing this weird problem with my new computer. The computer itself has m.2 hard drive SSD for windows and normal 1tb hard drive. There is quick slot for SSD drives and i use 512gb samsung evo on it and it works fine for a while.

After a week or two it starts slowing down the startup times first its 15+ seconds and after a while the computer won't start at all. The asus ROG logo just stays on forever and mouse + keyboard will turn off etc... The weird part is that when i remove the SSD and put it back on the quick slot it works just fine. And the "slow down" -timer starts from th beginning. Any ideas what causes issue like this? Its not a huge problem, just annoying.

Asked from ASUS support if they have any ideas, but no help, and i dont want to send the whole pc to them for two to four weeks. :p

Computer specs: