Dec 31, 2011
good, better, best, awesome, godlike. (I'll put ssd's which I have experience of using for quite some time)

good -

ocz vertex/agility

better -

corsair force gt

best -

corsair force 3

awesome -

Crucial M4
(I wanted some samsung 830 but can't seem to get it at local shops)

Godlike -

Intel 510 (this trash are so awesome, best one I've ever used so far. well on experience it is on par with my crucial m4's) oh and because it's intel (Love intel)


Dec 24, 2010

How would you rate the Intel 520 series?
510 vs 520:
510 used the marvel controller. 520 uses the Sandforce SF22xx controller.
The 520 has a very good 1/2 egg vs 4/5 egg reviews @ new egg. But then so did the 510.
Do not confuse this with true reliability as the drive has not been out long enough, but based on Intel's track record should be the best followed by Samsung.

Most High end SATA III SSDs will perform very simular to each other in REAL LIFE day-to-day usage. The diff in Sequencial benchmarks using ATTO is meaningless. Caustion on some of the LOW end sata III drives - Use the Agility III as an example (and yes I have two of them). They perform No better when on a sata II port as compared to when they are on a SATA III port.

I have 2 128 Gig M4's, one samsung 128 gig 830 and 2 120 gig Agility 3s (plus 5 of the olded generation sata II drives including Intel G1 and G2).
For the SATA III drives my choices are Intel -> Samsung 830 -> M4s. But, Of these 3, I Buy the one that is on Salle at the time of Purchase.