SSD Raid


Oct 25, 2011
Hey community!

So i was thinking about future upgrades for my gaming/workstation rig.
I was looking at a RevoDrive 120gb with some pretty substantial speed, 975mb/s read 875mb/s write. That Card costs 299$ and doesn't have that much storage. It would also Limit my upgrade-ability in my computer because i have a microATX board with only two x16 slots.

So for the same price and a little but more i think i could get dual 200gb+ SSD's with screaming performance for programs/games/boot.
That poses my next question. What is the best raid for performance / reliability?
My current harddrive setup is a 1tb Black and a 500gb green.
I also don't know if my motherboard supports raid. And if it doesn't would i need to get a raid card?

Current motherboard:

Thanks, If you need additional information i'll be sure to provide it.
The best RAID for two SSDs is - none. Either buy a 400gb+ SSD for twice the price of one and trust the manufacturer to do the best tuning for double the memory, or just have two drives and install some apps, or put some working storage, on the second one.

"RAID zero not your system drives; great risk will you be exposed to. If a 120 GB system drive you need, a 120 GB system drive you should purchase." Or see what Xbitlabs has to say: [...] html#sect0