Question SSD replacement for ASUS X53S laptop?

Apr 2, 2019
My old laptop is being used by my son, I need replaced the HD ( full ) , can I use a SSD ( like a Samsung 860 1TB SSD an clone it ?
It has 8gb ram (can't add I don't think) & i7 -2630qm 2ghz
It runs fine but more space is needed and faster boot up would help


If you are just talking a 2.5" SATA SSD sure. Though you could also get a drive caddy and replace the optical drive with another 2.5" drive and get more space that way. Maybe a smaller SSD and get a 2TB 2.5" regular hard drive?

It also has an internal port for a PCIe card, but that would supplant the WiFi if you did that, so probably not worth it. It would also be mSATA class not NVMe so not a whole lot of point in doing it over an SATA SSD.
Apr 2, 2019
For cloning...
What size is the current HDD, and how full is it?
Current HDD ia 750GB ( partitioned) with about 100GB total free. There is stuff data on there hence cloning & clear up the new SDD, so is safe for me get any 1TB Samsung SSD?

Asus specs say the HDD is SATA currently , I know difference between SATA I , II & III is speed but is a SATA III SSD backward compatible to I ..or do I have to buy SATA I SSD ?
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Mar 16, 2013
Yes, a 1TB SSD will work.
Samsung 860 EVO or Crucial MX500.

SATA is backwards and forwards compatible. Either of those drives will work in your system.

Cloning with a laptop is tricky, due to the lack of applicable slots.

Assuming you have another drive with sufficient free space to hold the entirety of your current drive:

  1. Download and install Macrium Reflect
  2. Run that, and create a Rescue CD or USB (you'll use this later). "Other Tasks"
  3. In the Macrium client, create an Image to some other drive. External USB HDD, maybe. Select all partitions. This results in a file of xxxx.mrimage
  4. When done, power OFF.
  5. Swap the 2 drives
  6. Boot up from the Rescue USB you created earlier.
  7. Recover, and tell it where the Image is that you created in step 3, and which drive to apply it to...the new SSD
  8. Go, and wait until it finishes.
  9. That's all...this should work.