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Jan 9, 2011
does anyone know of/care to share their sources for useful and up-to-date info on the subject of ssds?

seems like toms, along with a ton of other sites, have the "how-to" covered pretty well. i'm particularly interested in sites that deliver benchmark results, comparison charts similar to these. perhaps ssd owners can post their results/specs? i'll be making my first solid state purchase within the next week or two. it'll be a small, comfortably-priced ssd to keep a trim, cool new htpc build. Ideally it'll be capable of low-consumption(or not), low-heat, low-noise. naturally, i want the peppiest and most reliable my small budget will accommodate.

mine: (i don't really get this site. (why does this end where it does? i was expecting to find a
1, 2, 3, .... 153 [Next>>] but for some reason it just ends abruptly without being of any use whatsoever. am i missing something? enjoy the read? what, you mean the other posts that don't cover everything you mention?) the numbers! the colourul graphs! precisely what i was looking for. how current are these? why are some of the ssds in my price range not in the lists?

-first post/have feeling will spend lots of time here!
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