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Question SSD seems to no longer be a proper boot device ?

Jul 26, 2021
Yesterday my PC was working fine but I recieved a pop up to restart my device to repair the disk, but I could restart later and I could still do anything I wanted on the computer.

On restart there was a long period repairing files and now my PC will only boot from my old HDD instead of my usual SSD. When in the HDD I can see all the files in the SSD fine but on disk management it is not recognised as a boot device.

In the BIOS I can still select to boot from my SSD so it is recognised but it will end up booting from my HDD. If I remove the HDD I just get the "insert proper boot device and restart" screen.

I'm a bit worried to boot from windows boot manager and repartition the SSD in case it deletes everything on it? Any advice?