Question SSD Selection for StoreMi/FuzeDrive build

Aug 18, 2019
I'm planning 2 builds at the moment, in the AMD board I intend to take advantage of StoreMi and in the Intel I intend to use FuzeDrive (the commercial alternative by the same bunch).

Originally I'd intended to use a Samsung 970 Evo as the fast drive but have now read reports that this drive drops from 1500MB/s to a poultry paltry 300MB/s write when the drive approaches capacity and its SLC cache is depleted. I expect under a storeMi configuration the "fast" drive will be used at capacity fairly consistently which effectively rules out the Samsung 970 for my application.

I'm now looking at the Kingston KC2000, Intel 7600p Pro and WD Black SN750 as alternatives with similar read/write speeds. Is anyone able to confirm for me whether these drives retain their advertised performance as they reach their storage capacity?