Question SSD size on a tight budget, 240 vs 480


Apr 28, 2017
Ok, so my wife recently told me I could spend $50 out of our budget on whatever and I have yet to pick up an SSD. I currently have 3 older 500gb HDDs that I use for storage, so I know my system will benefit greatly from the upgrade. What Im seeing, buying a good quality 240gb SSD is easy with $50, but the 480gb sizes seem to be off brands, or poorly reviewed. What I fear though is if I go with the 240, I wont have enough space in the long run. Why do I think that? Well, my current 500gb boot drive has 162gb free out of 465 available. Yes this is an older drive (about 7 years old now) and has gone through countless Windows updates and hardware configurations. I have tried running a decent number of disk cleaners, but it just wont go any lower. I realize a brand new install of Win10 will make a lot of the residual crap that has built up over the years go away, but how long until it bloats back out again? At the moment, the only game that is installed on this drive is Forza Motorsport 7 (which in itself is 90gb) and I would want to install that on the SSD as I play it quite often. I would also want to install Division 2, the rest would all be on the mechanical drives (which I would probably setup into a raid 0 to maybe gain some extra speed, maybe?)

So its sort of... do I get a nicer WD or Seagate 240gb SSD, or something like an ADATA or Inland or whatever with double the capacity. Im sure someone will pipe up saying to save up the extra money and wait, but with the super tight budget, that could be months away and I had already tried to buy this last month, but life happens.